It’s not easy to find the right gym. With so many things to consider, the process of finding the place to workout can be almost as exhausting as the workout itself.


Do they have the equipment I want to use?


Do they have the classes I want to take?


What about amenities?


Will they monitor my progress, help me with my goals?


Do I feel comfortable with the staff?


There’s quite a few questions to ask — even more if you’re considering one-on-one personal training in South Jersey.


Here at Future Fitness, we think we have the answer. That’s why we’ve started a video series dedicated to answering some of the questions that people ask when they decide to choose their fitness center.


In this first video, we’ll be following Duncan, a relative new-comer to the world of fitness, as he embarks on his first trip to Future Fitness and learns a thing or two about our gym.