There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help. You cannot achieve your greatest goals in life by yourself and you cannot correct the things you want to fix without guidance. Truly great people know that they have others to thank for helping them get to where they are.

When it comes to fitness, a trainer is a personal partner who can guide you through the path to achieving your personal health and body image goals.


So how do you decide who will best assist you?



Are you a high-energy, all-in type of person? Laid-back do what has to be done type? Outgoing? Introverted? It’s important to find the trainer who best complements your personality. They’ll be able to best motivate you and best interact with you. Working with a trainer is a different dynamic than most relationships because it is both personal and professional; make sure you can interact with your trainer on both levels.



Whether you’re just trying to tone up a bit or start your training to be the next great bodybuilder, it’s important that you have a qualified trainer. There are a number of certifications (or even degrees) that a trainer can hold, and they should possess at least one certificate. But, there are two other important factors. The first is that they have references; individuals they have worked with who can attest to their training strategies and effectiveness. The second is that they should have a bit of experience in the area you’d like to improve. You probably wouldn’t contact a swim coach for a spin class, right? So, you shouldn’t hire a trainer who doesn’t specialize in the given aesthetic you’re aiming for.



Consider the level of dedication that you can afford to put into the new chapter in your fitness journey, because your trainer is going to help you write it. If you only have time for two or three quick sessions a week, you should find a trainer who’s comfortable with getting that amount of work done. If you want tiered workouts, set schedules, meal plans, wake-up texts and motivational phone calls, you should contact a trainer who’s comfortable with that level of involvement.



It might be uncomfortable to request a specific gender of trainer but it does matter. For some, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or woman who’s motivating you, but for others, it can make them extremely uncomfortable. Make sure you consider which gender you’re more comfortable with and you’ll be more likely to succeed in working with them.


When you’ve made up your mind, stop by our gym to see what our trainers can offer you. Whether it’s yoga classes in Marlton, NJ or a personal one-on-one session, we’ve got the right supports to help you on your fitness journey.