Fitness is not easy. Whether you’ve made a recent dedication to change your body, or you’re a gym veteran, progress towards your goals can be difficult when you don’t feel like you see a difference. That ignitor, that spark that drives you to a higher level of fitness, that gets you into the gym can be tough to find, but invaluable once it is.


We’ve written about finding your motivation before. We’ve written about working out with a partner and how much of a difference that can make. Everyone is different, just like their reasons to workout, however, most people find that being challenged to be greater often kicks them into high gear.


Here at our gyms in Camden County and across South Jersey, the 180° Weight Loss Challenge is starting Sept.19th, and with it, you can feel the spirit of competition in the air.


So why should you consider a fitness challenge?


  • Progress– When you engage in a fitness challenge, your results are monitored, not just by you, but by those with whom you participate. You can have some expectations for your progress by seeing the results of former participants. There are no guarantees in fitness, but by sticking with a challenge for the duration, you can set some reasonable expectations.
  • Goal-Setting– A fitness challenge allows you to set your own goals and see how you’ll get to them. It puts the responsibility for the work in your hands, but some of the exercises will be laid out for you.
  • Encouragement and Accountability– One of the most effective tools for jump-starting any fitness regimen is that you are accountable for your consistency, not only to yourself, but to someone else. Working with another person means that they can encourage you when you’re doing well or need an extra push and hold you accountable when you aren’t doing what you set out to do.


The 180° Weight Loss Challenge should be a blast for all participants and is a great way to kick-off a new campaign at the gym. To learn more about our challenge or our yoga classes in South Jersey, call, click or stop in.