West Berlin, NJ – Getting fit in South Jersey has never been easier.

In the last couple of years, there has been a surge in the number of gyms and fitness centers in South Jersey led by Fitness powerhouse – Future Fitness Centers.

Future Fitness Centers in Medford and Cherry Hill are the latest to open its doors, followed by new clubs in Mullica Hill, Mount Laurel and West Berlin. Those all came on the heels of Future Fitness in Turnersville.

So why all the buzz around Future Fitness Centers? It could simply be that South Jersey residents are more interested than ever in being fit and healthy.

It seems more people are becoming motivated and educated to take responsibility for staying fit and fueling their bodies with the right foods. And, as this healthy way of thinking increases, the more Future Fitness is able to act on those trends and offer new programs and the latest training techniques that are coming out.

Smaller fitness clubs are not able to keep up with the latest trends because they are often limited by things like building space, parking and having enough staff to properly manage new fitness programs. Many members leave these clubs after only a few months. Future Fitness ownership has recognized this and has acquired several smaller local gyms in recent years, investing in them making the clubs larger and adding more features like large indoor swimming pools, group fitness studios and cardio centers. So, when a small, local fitness club is about to shut its doors, Future Fitness comes to the rescue!

When future fitness expanded its Cherry Hill location recently it was a blessing for current members because they were now part of a larger club with more amenities. At the time of the new construction, it was the unknown, wondering if the much bigger space was going to work. Today, members aren’t looking back.

The same was true for the new Yoga studio in the Mount Laurel location. New construction halted classes, but now the Yoga instructors say it is the best Yoga studio in the Mount Laurel area, saying people driving by decide to stop in for a free class much more than before the new studio.

So although it seems there has been an influx of new fitness center companies, several of the “newcomers” in town have actually been new Future Fitness locations, but are just now getting higher visibility after breaking away from the regular fitness clubs in the area.

Perhaps one of the reasons Future Fitness facilities continue to thrive in the face of competition is that they have carved out their own niches. Future Fitness offers over 90 cardio classes per week, kickboxing, Aerial Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Zumba and a sports performance facility intended to help local athletes with training.

Another factor that could be helping is a family friendly atmosphere. There are many people who don’t find success in cold national corporate gyms where newcomers leave just as quick as they started. Future Fitness Centers saw the opportunity to bring something different to the area, not just in the form of specialized classes and personal training but in a more individualized approach with its members.

At the end of the day, what matters is that people are choosing to get off the sofa and make a change. Once you get to the club, Future Fitness is all about empowering and educating people to make better choices, and that equals results.