At Future Fitness Centers, we’re always striving to keep our members equipped with cutting-edge equipment and facilities in order to maximize your enjoyment of our clubs. Our Mt. Laurel location recently received a pool makeover, which we’re proud to be able to show off!

pool 2    pool 4

The complete renovation of the club’s heated saltwater swimming pool included upgrades to the electrical and plumbing systems, complete resurfacing of both the pool and hot tub, recoating of the deck, re-facing of the coping, and painting of all interior walls. Check out our photos below, and be sure to stop in at the location to see – and feel – the difference for yourself!



pool 3      pool 1

Along with the aesthetic appeal provided by these upgrades, we also undertook this project in order to ensure the safety and overall positive experience our members have in our pools. We provide saltwater pools in all of our clubs to better cater to the health of our members; saltwater pools are better for your skin and hair, and also lack the harmful chemicals present in traditional chlorine pools. This type of pool uses only sodium chloride as a disinfecting agent, which is just as effective as, but less damaging than, chlorine. Less people are sensitive to salt than chlorine, meaning more members can enjoy longer swim sessions without suffering from burning eyes and itchy skin! We can now proudly say that we’ve arranged for the safest possible swimming environment for all of our members’ benefits.


So how can you take advantage of your location’s eco-friendly swimming pools?


  • Aqua Zumba. A low-impact but high-energy cardio workout, Aqua Zumba blends all of the cardiovascular benefits and fun, dance-party atmosphere of Zumba classes with the natural resistance provided by water, which makes classes more challenging and better for toning muscles.


  • Hydro-Pilates. Just as Pilates provides for strengthening and stretching through movements that involve muscle control and deliberate breathing exercises, Hydro-Pilates challenges participants to the same movements while removing the (already minimal) impact of performing the exercises on land. This program helps to improve posture and tone while increasing strength – and relieving stress, too!


  • Aqua Interval Training. For those who love a challenge but are limited in their ability to withstand the joint impact of on-ground activities, or for anyone who simply loves being in water, aqua interval training is a high-intensity class that involves bursts of intense exercise followed by breaks and/or periods of less intense movement. Plus, added resistance from the water is a benefit you are unable to experience in a studio class!


  • Swim Lessons. If you need to learn the basics of swimming before you can jump into our aquatics classes, we offer swim lessons to students of any age! Adult classes are offered in 3 levels, from complete beginners to those looking to learn competitive training techniques; children’s classes are available in 6 different levels, based on age.


  • ISR: Infant Swimming Resource. For babies as young as 6 months old up to age 6, Future Fitness Centers offers ISR courses designed to teach your baby or young child emergency survival swimming skills. Even the youngest participants will learn how to hold their breath underwater, roll onto their back to float, rest and breath, then roll over again, “swimming” until they reach land or are rescued by an adult.