We’ve been making some big changes around some of our locations – big, green changes! Future Fitness Centers is proud to announce that we’ve just installed our third solar panel system to our gyms in Southern New Jersey, with plans to hook up more in the near future. Right now, we’re getting our power from 93 million miles away – solar energy is a clean, renewable source of electricity that is becoming ever more popular as the world looks to cut both costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Each 20,000 sq. foot solar panel system covers fully half of its host center’s electrical needs. We’re excited to be on the cutting edge when it comes to environmental sustainability, and to pass the savings along to our members, too!

A few photos from the newest solar panel system at our Mt. Laurel location:




In the spirit of being environmentally friendly, we’ve come up with some great, easy ways to “green” your own workout, while sacrificing none or few of the little comforts you enjoy when you hit the gym. We’d love it if you commented with your own eco-friendly tips and habits, too!

  • If you can, walk or bike to the gym. A little more exercise can’t hurt! Walking or biking leisurely to and from the gym doesn’t just cut carbon emissions from the use of gas in your car – it also helps you warm up and cool down from a hard workout. It’s better to be limber before starting any intensive physical activity, and a walk, jog or quick cycle is a great way to get that process started while saving resources.
  • Buy green fitness products, including mats, clothing and water bottles. There’s a definite crossover between environmentally friendly folks and those who are invested in their health and fitness; what this means for your efforts to stay green is that you’ve got lots of options! You can find yoga mats made from recycled materials, comfortable and stylish fair-trade clothing made sustainable with as little waste as possible, and waterbottles designed to last and made without hazardous materials or processing.
  • Use one towel instead of two. We know, this one’s a bit of a sacrifice, but imagine if everyone cut down on their laundry by half. Even if you don’t do it all the time, occasionally using a single towel to dry off cuts down on the energy and water used in the laundry process.
  • Buy used equipment. If you’re involved in athletic activities outside of our Future Fitness Centers, such as sports teams, kayaking, bicycling or any activity that requires special equipment, think about buying your item used. Not only will it save you money but, with the right research, most used equipment should serve you just as well as a brand-new version – plus this will ensure that the item has lived out a full lifespan by the time it retires.
  • Recycle your shoes. If your gym shoes are in relatively good shape by the time you’re ready for an upgrade, find a local resource that accepts gently worn footware as donations. While you may think “who would want my old gym sneakers??,” used footware is often packaged in bulk and shipped to the far corners of the world, where they will be gratefully accepted, even if they’re not brand-new.