Spinning ClassSpinning offers a great cardiovascular workout and has even played an important part in lifestyle changes that has resulted in men and women loosing large amounts of excess weight. Read on to understand why this exercise class is loved by so many.

Unlike stationary bikes of years ago, spinning developed as a class in which certified spinners taught routines ranging from strength and endurance training to calorie burning sessions. Spinning is a cardiovascular cycling workout on a stationary bike on which the tension can be increased, decreased, mileage and lapsed time is kept by a small computer, and calories burned and heart rate can be tracked.

Participating in Spinning classes can have a positive effect on your health and lifestyle. Below are the top seven benefits. Click here to visit the Spinning section of our website.

Burn Baby Burn
Once you get accustomed to the work out watch the pounds begin to melt away fast. A good thirty minute workout on a Spinning Cycle can burn as much as 500 calories. 50 minutes or longer workouts can burn from 800 to 1,000 calories.
Heart Health
There are aerobic benefits of Spinning. Planned Spinning programs include both endurance and cardiovascular training during the workout. During classes you may be asked to break your steady pace and speed up to increase your heart rate.
Move at Your Own Pace
The amount of resistance you apply, as you gain strength and endurance is up to you. While instructors recommend a speed, you don’t feel out of place for not knowing a routine. No one really knows what level at which you are working, so you are free to move at your own pace.
Time Goes by Quick
On the spinning bike, the challenge is constantly changing. As you work through each level you tend to lose track of time.
Low Bearing
Spinning keeps the pressure off of your knees and feet. It is also a good workout for those who cannot use the treadmill or elliptical because of arthritis.
Group Training
Whether you are a beginner or an exercise pro Spinning classes keep everyone together, with each individual working equally as hard at their own level. Spinning together also gives you the opportunity to encourage others.
Mental Toughness
Spinning does two things mentally. Helps you push through difficult times – through hill climbs and push through endurance training. Spinning also helps develop a positive, “can do” attitude.

Consult a Spinning trainer before beginning a class. It is recommend to participate in Spinning no more than three or four days a week.