The deadlift is one of the most dreaded exercises for anyone who lifts weights. Undeniably beneficial (arguably more so than any other lift), this exercise is difficult to master but immensely impressive to fellow gym goers who will watch in disbelief.


Fitness authorities often debate whether the barbell squat or barbell deadlift is the single most beneficial overall lifting exercise. While the barbell squat generally wins out, a vocal minority certainly has their point.


  • In terms of recruiting muscle fibers, the deadlift is king. Deadlifts are a whole body exercise, working virtually every muscle from the neck to the calves.
  • Focusing on the hinge motion in the hips and lower back, a healthy supply of this exercise can help ward off lower back problems later in life.
  • Releasing particularly high amounts of testosterone and growth hormone, this lift is an important part of a plan to build muscle, increase strength and recover quickly.
  • Because a deadlift forces all the muscles to work at once, it burns fat better than virtually any other lift and increases cardiovascular fitness.


Despite its benefits, doing deadlifts incorrectly at our gym in Cherry Hill can have detrimental effects. If performed incorrectly, a deadlift can harm the lower back, causing herniated discs or pulling lower back muscles. In contrast to other exercises, if weights become too heavy the exercisers can simply drop the weight without risking harm as long as feet are clear of the plates.


While many powerlifters, bodybuilders and fitness veterans will encourage those new to the lift to “go heavy and go hard,” for the inexperienced, deadlifts can be a huge shock to the system. Lifting too much weight can result in injury, or at the very least, an unpleasant experience recovering. While most people assume that lifting 135 lbs is absolute minimum for this exercise, it is completely viable to perform it with a lighter weight, using dumbbells or lighter weights on a barbell.


Rounding the lower back or sucking in your stomach when performing a deadlift leads to a high risk of injury. When lifting, concentrate on maintaining a straight line from the hips to the shoulders and driving the hips forward.


Seek instruction from one of our personal trainers at the gym in Mt. Laurel to learn more about proper form for the exercise.