People are always looking for better workouts — workouts that will make them faster, stronger, healthier. But what if your goal was to focus on your health and wellness without taking a toll on your body? If you’ve ever spent some time in a gym or around people who visit a wellness center, then you may have heard the word, “pilates.” People talk about it a lot, but you may not be sure what it is.


What is Pilates?

Very simply, pilates is a form of exercise that uses different exercise tools to develop a mind-body connection and improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. These exercises can be done through Pilates Reformer, which uses a controlled apparatus with springs and tension for resistance, or through Pilates Mat, where an individual uses their bodyweight. Kennedy Fitness offers classes for both.


Who is Pilates For?

Originally, pilates was developed to assist injured athletes (specifically dancers) in returning to exercise. The movements allowed the athletes to maintain fitness and strength while putting their bodies under minimal stress.

Now, pilates is for everyone and anyone interested in improving their physical and mental fitness. Many of the exercises focus on core-strengthening (making lower back and abdominal muscles stronger), but many pilates routines and systems can focalize on other parts of the body as well.

This range of applicability and unique approach to fitness goals allows pilates to span across the athletic community, meaning everyone from elite athletes to people with little-to-no fitness level can do pilates from day one.


Benefits of Pilates

There are a wide range of health benefits that one can achieve from practicing different pilates systems. These include but are not limited to:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased core strength
  • Full-body muscle strengthening and toning
  • Improved balance and posture
  • Enhanced mind-body connection
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Improved concentration
  • Safe muscle rehabilitation and retention

While these are the most common outcomes of a practiced pilates routine, you can customize yours to make it work for your fitness goals.


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Interested in fitness classes but unsure of whether or not pilates is right for you? Here’s our group spinning class schedule in Cherry Hill. This is one of our most popular classes, and, similarly to pilates, is low-impact on your joints. Questions or concerns? Call us. Hope to see you there!