It may not seem like it, but very soon it’s going to be time to start working on your summer body. In recent years the cleanse trend has really taken off. The concept of cleansing your body of toxins (and hopefully dropping a few pounds) from a few short days of meal changes is attractive to almost everyone trying to look their best for the spring and summer months. Cleanses tend to vary in difficulty, length and strictness but virtually all of them require a change to diet and meal prep. Here are a few tips for how best to prepare for your cleanse, regardless of which one you choose.


  • Don’t binge- A lot of people make the mistake of starting off on the wrong foot. Whether it’s three days or three weeks the idea of not being able to chow down on your favorite foods can seem somewhat daunting. It may seem like a good idea at the time to binge on chili fries or pizza before you start a strict diet, but in reality, you’re only going to send your body and metabolism in to shock.
  • Ease in- Before you officially start your cleanse, try taking a meal here or there like you would if you were already on it. Don’t confuse your body by loading up on starches and protein if you aren’t really going to be eating them over the next few days. Slowly cut back on the foods you’re cutting out and it will make the beginning stages that much easier.
  • Write it out- You can read your regimen on your phone, computer or out of a book, but putting your plans in your own words can really help you conceptualize exactly how it’s going to go. Wrapping your mind around your cleanse can be a big step in achieving the full dedication it takes to complete it. Additionally, writing out your plans for each day will help you see complications arising before they even appear. If you have to go away from home longer than expected one day, you can plan ahead by bringing a prepared meal instead of having to through the whole process into flux by stopping for fast food.
  • Hydrate- Most cleanses call for you to drink only water or at least cut out sugary sodas and juices. A cleanse is supposed to allow the body to rid itself of all kinds of toxins and the thing that best aids that process is plenty of water. By staying hydrated beforehand, your body will have all the resources it needs to flush your system.

Planning on starting a cleanse soon? Try talking to one of the nutritionists at one of our gyms in Cherry Hill, NJ or across South Jersey. They can help you get an idea of what suits you best and go in depth with how best to prepare.