Reminiscing for your High School band days? Regret not becoming a rock star? Simply looking to incorporate a little more rhythm in your life? Then POUND classes might be for you! This hot new exercise class has been gaining a following across the U.S., and we’re happy to announce that Future Fitness Center members can now try it for themselves at our Turnersville location.

What are POUND workouts?

The best way we can describe this novel new workout is Zumba meets drum circle, meets intensive interval training course. Invented by two female drummers, POUND classes blast upbeat, rhythm-centric music in a class that provides plenty of variety to keep participants engaged throughout, and never bored with their workout.

POUND participants use lightly-weighted drumsticks (about ¼ lb apiece), called Ripstix, to help them keep the beat while performing a variety of easy-to-follow but effective moves, combined with strength training and, of course, drumming. POUND instructors teach students the basic moves and lead the class through 45 minutes of 2-4 minute songs, each designed to synchronize perfectly with the intervals used in the training.

The inventors of POUND based their exercise around a concept they invented exclusively for their workout, called “BASS:” Beat-Activated Strategic Stabilization. This fitness method allows participants to follow a “Beat,” perfecting their timing, while “Activating” the entire body through varied motions, “Strategically”-timed with upbeat songs, helping them to learn “Stabilization” and balance.

How can I benefit from POUND?

As an interval workout that incorporates bodyweight-based anaerobic exercise, POUND is great for increasing your cardiovascular capacity while helping improve your form at the same time. The continuous use of your upper arms, in conjunction with the Ripstix, strengthens and tones the arms, while the rest of the workout – which involves fast-paced movements, frequently in a squatting position – both torches fat and strengthens many frequently-untouched muscle groups. On top of all of this – it’s fun! The creators of POUND carefully curated the soundtrack to effectively keep you engaged and easily following along to a catchy beat; the music used includes popular rap, hip hop, dubstep, rock, pop and old-school hits.

If you’d like to give this incredible, energetic new workout a whirl, call Future Fitness Centers today to reserve your spot at one of our convenient class times! Our other locations offer workouts for all speeds, whether you’re looking for yoga in Cherry Hill, NJ, or Zumba in West Berlin, give us a call and we’ll set you up with the perfect group class.