Duncan and Co. are back with a new video!


In this video we follow Duncan as he makes his way through the remainder of his one-week trial and becomes a new member of Future Fitness. His journey through the video is uniquely Duncan, struggling to learn how to use equipment properly and staging his own press conference.

Carter guides Duncan through his first day as a member at the Cherry Hill gym, informing him about group fitness classes and providing him with pertinent instruction. Carter not only helps him use some of the machines, he extolls to him the importance of cardio for virtually everyone interested in achieving their fitness goals.    


In this video, Duncan also unveils his personal technique for making a protein shake and lends a few pieces of advice on how to maximize the first few trips to the gym.


To see the previous video in the series visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wItIrpgIHE&list=PLJrsQQUqGdaXsvxdkeeXsbG5v7QpuifNd