In recent years, yoga classes have been increasing in popularity among people of all fitness levels who want to improve both their physical and mental health. Future Fitness is excited to offer a unique take on yoga for Haddonfield, NJ, area residents — aerial yoga.

With a name like aerial yoga, you might be wondering if this class involves flight. In fact, it does! In VaihAyasa Aerial Yoga, you are suspended in the air by a hammock made of soft fabric, which supports your body and offers a multitude of benefits compared to traditional yoga classes.

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  • It’s beginner-friendly. Many people find yoga classes intimidating because they don’t feel that they have the requisite strength or flexibility to do the exercise accurately. Though in any exercise class, it is important to work at your own pace and remember that everyone starts somewhere, aerial yoga may be more inviting for beginners. The aeiral hammocks, which can support up to 1,000 pounds, can assist you in doing both traditional and non-traditional yoga poses, that may otherwise not yet be attainable on the floor.
  • You can improve your body alignment. Do you feel stiff from sitting or standing all day at work? Aerial yoga alleviates stress on the neck and spine. As you hang upside-down, your vertebrae will decompress, allowing you to feel relief from some of your everyday aches and pains.
  • It allows for a deeper stretch. When you’re working on a mat, there’s only so far that you’re able to stretch comfortably. Perhaps you have sometimes had someone assist you by pushing down on your back or legs. In aerial yoga, gravity does all the work for you, letting your body stretch further without additional stress.
  • You can safely perform inversions. Inversions are poses like handstands or headstands. These can be difficult for beginners to perform safely, especially if they do not have someone to spot them in case they fall. Aerial yoga allows you to do these advanced poses without the fear of falling, or risk of injury
  • It’s fun! Few other classes offer as unique an experience as this. Free your mind and body as you soar through the air!

Are you ready to try aerial yoga? Sign up for yoga in Mt. Laurel or one of our other locations today!