Oh. My. God. Becky. Your glutes are important, not just for their aesthetic value, but because they’re one of the biggest fat-burning muscle groups on your body. Our classes like pilates and yoga in South Jersey can certainly have an effect on toning your backside, but in this blog we’re going to focus on 8 exercises that target your glutes.


Single Leg RDL’s– Lifting your left foot about an inch off of the ground, pull your left leg back in a straight motion as you lean forward until your heel and head are almost parallel. Alternate for at least 12 reps a side, three-to-five sets. Hold a kettlebell for an added challenge.

Single Leg Hip Thrust– Laying on the floor with your feet press against the ground and your knees bent, lift one leg up, pointing your foot at the ceiling. Using your opposite leg and glutes, drive your hips up so that your pointed leg is as close to the ceiling as you can get it. Alternate at least 15 reps a side for a minimum of four sets.

Alternating Split Jumps– Standing straight, jump in the air kicking one foot forward and one foot backward to land in a semi-split position with your feet still flat on the ground and knees slightly bent. Alternate back and forth for at least 20 reps and a minimum of three sets.

Fire Hydrant Kickbacks– Starting out in tabletop position with your knees and hands on the ground, bring one knee up into the air by rotating along the hip until it is almost parallel with the hip. Kick your raised leg backward and then bring it back to its starting position slowly. Alternate at a good pace for 30 seconds a side, for a minimum of four sets.

Donkey Kicks– Starting out in tabletop position, kick one leg straight back until your heel is parallel (or higher) than your head. Alternate sides every 30 seconds for a minimum of four sets.

Barbell Hip Thrusts– Sitting with your shoulder blades and elbows on a bench, roll a weighted barbell over your legs until the bar is positioned evenly just above your hips. Pressing up with your glutes and legs, lift the bar without using your hands until you’re on your toes, with your shoulder blades and elbows still firmly planted on the bench. Put a pad or towel around the bar to make this exercise a bit more comfortable. Do this for at least ten reps, 3-5 sets.

Weighted Step-Ups– Holding dumbbells in each hand, place one foot on a bench and without pushing off of your back foot, raise yourself up until you are standing on the bench. Slowly lower yourself back down without shifting your weight to your back foot. Alternate sides for 10-12 reps and at least four sets. Test out different weights to find the right level of challenge.

Pistol Squats– From a standing position, lift one leg up in the air, maintaining balance. Slowly bend your standing leg to allow your body to be lowered and then stand back up after getting as close to a 90° bend as possible. Use a bench or TRX suspension grip to achieve better balance and get deeper into the squat.


Whether at our gym in Cherry Hill or at home, performing these exercise will help you tone up those glutes. To learn more about great exercises for your posterior chain, stop in and talk to one of our personal trainers.