Stagnation happens. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working out for years, or you just started a new routine at the beginning of the new year; it’s completely normal for motivation to lag and progress to slow. Winter is especially rough, with shorter days and colder temperatures beckoning us indoors to hibernate until springtime.

If you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about hitting the gym in Mullica Hill or visiting one of our other six Kennedy Fitness locations, here are some suggestions to help reignite your passion for fitness.


Why did you start working out in the first place? Did you want to slim down and look better in a bathing suit? Were you lacking the necessary energy to play with your kids or perform at your job? Was your training geared toward a specific competitive event? 

Whatever reasons inspired you to begin the journey, now is a good time to refocus on them. It’s easy to lose sight of your “why” in the course of the daily grind, and an occasional reminder can make a big difference in your attitude and level of effort.


There’s a chance you’ve been pushing yourself too hard and neglecting the all-important recovery aspect of fitness. Your body needs rest in order to perform its best, and if you’re not getting enough sleep or slacking on hydration and nutrition, it throws your hormones out of whack and brings progress to a standstill.

Instead of beating yourself up, try backing off and getting the rest you need. That way, you can start again with a fresh new outlook and a lot more energy.


If you don’t already have a workout buddy or buddies, finding a support group to help motivate and keep you accountable is as easy as sending a text message or posting a call to action on social media. Or, you could just join a group class at your local gym and harness the strength of numbers to fuel your individual fitness quest.


If you’ve been spending a lot of time on the treadmill or stationary bike or doing leg presses and lat pulldowns, it’s time to change things up. The gym equipment will always be there when you need it, but it also helps to mix in some more social, real-world athletic activities like the ones shown in this quick slideshow video.


We’re not saying to go out and spend money you don’t have on a completely new workout wardrobe, but a little bit of new gear can go a long way toward stoking your motivation. Anything from new shoes to a couple of trendy tops to a cutting-edge fitness tracker could be the confidence-building kickstart you need to take your workout to the next level.


Find an upcoming race or other athletic competition on your local calendar and enter it! Don’t rush yourself, but don’t look for something that’s taking place next year, either. The goal is to give yourself a concrete deadline around which to structure and schedule your training.


Everything you do that gets you closer to your goals is worth celebrating. It doesn’t matter if the scale isn’t moving or your clothing size is staying the same. What counts is that you’re putting in consistent effort to move, eat well, try new things, and take good care of your body and mind. 

If you need help to get past a roadblock in your health and wellness journey, Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate offers an unrivaled selection of gym services to reinvigorate your resolve. From group classes to nutrition counseling to free monthly personal training sessions for all members, we provide an immersive fitness experience that’s conducive to personal growth. Contact us to learn more or become a member today!