Herb A. Mills Jr.

Personal Trainer -  Sewell

Educated at West Chester State College as a Teacher in Health and Physical Education Class of 1976. Certified Johnny G Spinning Instructor since 1999.  Certified by ISSA as a Personal Trainer since 2000 (I’ve trained people since 1984). Training in Functional Training Screening 2010. Certified by ISSA as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition 2015.  Training by VYNE ED. in Myofascial Release and Sports Tapping 2018
I was on the Physical Fitness Team, Played Football, Ran Track in High School. Played Football and Rugby in College.  Fitness has been an essential and underlying aspect of my Life since climbing the old “Peg Boards” in Junior High School. (People over 50 know what I’m talking about).  I believe in the Mind Body approach to Fitness, based in Strength Training enhanced by Functional and Aerobic Training fueled with “Accountable Eating Habits”. When the Body is Healthy and Strong the Mind and Body become fertile to functioning at peak levels. It’s All Good!!  Do Life!!!

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