Judy Baran

Personal Trainer -  Medford

Judy Baran is recognized as one of the leading Personal Training Professionals in the health club industry. She is the former owner of Endurance Fitness in Southampton, NJ and has experience working with a wide variety of clients throughout her career. Although her prime focus has always been weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and endurance training; she has an absolute commitment to helping people reach their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Judy’s love for fitness started about 22 years ago doing group exercise classes, Shotokan Karate and weight training. In 1997 she started taking Health & Wellness classes at Camden County College and soon after obtained her Certifications.

When asked what makes Judy’s workouts more effective than many others, she attributed it to invaluable teamwork.  “My workouts are intense, but there is strength in numbers. One day I put together a group workout and saw how people thrived in an atmosphere where they are able to motivate others while being motivated. As a result, I structured a program that marries personal training with camaraderie. With the encouragement and momentum that we build as a team, even the toughest workouts that push each person to their person limit becomes “do able” and something to take pride in”. Her programs combine a wide range of functional movements that increase stamina, flexibility and strength which proves to be beneficial to all fitness levels

It is her passion to motivate you, ability to challenge you and her sensitivity that ultimately produces results. Judy has persevered through a broken femur and is aware of the insecurities that hold people back from their potential, but believes in her heart that we can all overcome.  Today, she is an avid runner happily sprinting through the life that she took back with her two beautiful daughters and her grandson. Judy loves to inspire and her passion for helping others reach their fitness lifestyle goals makes her the perfect person to assist you in your individual needs.

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