Although Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate offers its members a vast range of high-tech exercise equipment at our gyms in Mullica Hill and six other New Jersey locations, we also understand that expensive machines and heavy weights aren’t always necessary for a great workout. 

In fact, many of our programs help members sculpt their bodies and take their fitness to the next level, using nothing but their own body weight, the force of gravity, and a few simple accessories. These programs include:

  • Yoga (Aerial and Hot)
  • Pilates Reformer
  • TRX Suspension Training®

What makes bodyweight training regimens so effective? Here are just some of the many benefits:

Works the Full Body

Bodyweight movements work a number of different muscle groups at the same time, helping you tone and strengthen your body from head to toe. While you might think of a push-up as an upper-body exercise or a squat as a lower-body exercise, both of these help to improve core strength, which is essential to good posture, proper movement patterns, and injury prevention.

Builds Balance and Flexibility

Your body must stabilize itself while performing bodyweight movements, which strengthens the muscles and stretches the ligaments and tendons that help you stay balanced while walking, running, performing household chores, or taking part in any other physical activity. Body control is essential to warding off injury, especially as we age. 

Gives You Freedom

You can reap the many benefits of bodyweight training in a cross-training class or personal training session here at Kennedy Fitness, or you can easily come up with your own bodyweight workouts when you can’t make it to the gym. Bodyweight training leaves no room for making excuses!

Whether you’re traveling or just pressed for time, bodyweight circuits require very little space or time and can be done in a hotel room, a parking lot, out on the beach, or even in an office or conference room.

This quick video illustrates several movements that can be mixed together for a great workout anywhere in the world.

It’s Not Boring!

Doing the same type of workout every day will get monotonous. But there’s no limit to the number of different workouts you can do, just by combining a series of bodyweight movements. Vary the movements, the repetitions, and the time domain to keep things interesting and fun. Increase the speed and intensity of the movements, and you can get in a heart-pounding, fat-blasting workout in just minutes. 

There’s no doubt that lifting weights, sweating it out on cutting-edge cardio equipment, and taking advantage of our other unique gym services will help you get in great shape. But mixing in a bodyweight training routine can help you maintain a well-rounded fitness regimen that never gets dull. 

For more information or to inquire about becoming a member of Kennedy Fitness, contact us today!