Circuit training — it’s a term that is thrown around the gym quite often, but you might not know what it is (even if you have probably done it in group fitness scenarios).

Very basically, circuit training is when you set up a string of exercises and movements to perform one after the other with no breaks in between. A simple circuit could look something like burpees to pull-ups to squats to planks to lunges. If you’re doing more heavy-lifting (weight-training) exercises, circuit training might look more like supersets, which generally target opposing muscle groups and are much shorter than circuits — think squats to bench press to lat pulldown.

So why would people incorporate a circuit training routine into their weekly workout split? Well, there are many benefits, but we’ve broken them down into three overarching benefits that all gym-goers will experience when they begin a circuit training routine.


1. Maximum Results, Minimum Time

We all have busy lives, and sometimes doing a long workout just isn’t in the books for us. Because circuits hit hard and fast, and incorporate both cardiovascular and strength-training exercises into one, you’re getting the best of workout you can in the shortest period of time. You can do circuit training for 15 minutes, or you can do it for an hour. No matter how long you go, you’re getting an effective full-body workout every time.


2. Burn Fat All Day (and Night) Long

You ever feel more hungry the day after an intense workout? Well, expect to feel that way the day after your circuit training routine. Circuit training combines the benefits of both HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and weight lifting into one. Your metabolism will be soaring during your workout, and, with the afterburn effect, you’ll be burning calories much faster than before for up to 24 hours after completing your workout.


3. Beat the Boredom

If your gym routine has ever felt monotonous, you’re not alone. Most people maintain the same fitness cycle because it’s what they’re used to. But just because most people do this doesn’t mean that it always works. With the implementation of a circuit workout, you can try different fitness tools and machines, and spice up your weekly grind with movements that you don’t usually incorporate into your routine.


Change Up Your Routine

Circuit training is a great way to break up your weekly gym schedule. At Kennedy Fitness & Wellness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, we know how important it is to have diverse gym practices, that’s we offer classes like yoga and kickboxing classes in Mt. Laurel. If you’re looking for something to change up your routine, consider any of our classes, including our kickboxing gym sign ups in Gloucester County.

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