Here on the Kennedy Fitness blog, we’ve written previously about the benefits of getting enough sleep. Catching up on your ZZZs is just as necessary for healthy living as diet and exercise. It can also help you with weight loss, immunity, and can even improve your memory.

This week, we’re focusing on foods that you can eat before bed that can aid your sleep. While there are many variables that can make a good night’s sleep more attainable, such as setting a regular schedule for oneself and avoiding computer screens, many foods have been to shown possess properties that can ease your slumber.

Check out this list of sleep-inducing foods from Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, your choice among fitness centers for Mount Laurel communities.


  1. Kiwi

Besides being quite low in calories and high in vitamin C and vitamin K, studies have shown that kiwis may be excellent for eating before bed. According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, or NCBI, adults who ate two kiwis before bedtime fell asleep 42% more quickly than those who did not, while their sleep time increased by 13%.

This is thought to be due to the high amount of serotonin stored in kiwis, which is a sleep-inducing brain chemical. Their high vitamin C and carotenoid content have also been suggested as a secondary factor.

More scientific research is needed; however, experimenting by having a couple of kiwis before falling asleep certainly can’t hurt.


  1. Tart Cherries

According to another NCBI-published study, tart cherries and tart cherry juice may greatly benefit those who suffer from insomnia.

Tart cherries are known to be very high in melatonin, a hormone that is essential to the body’s internal clock. Evidence from the study strongly indicates that drinking tart cherry juice twice a day can extend one’s nightly sleep by 1½ hours.


  1. Chamomile Tea

Famous for its myriad health benefits, chamomile tea may also help induce sleep and reduce insomnia. Chamomile tea has a unique antioxidant called apigenin, which binds together certain brain receptors that improve sleep quality. Plus, drinking a cup of tea before bed can be quite relaxing in and of itself.

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