As the seasons change and the temperatures start to drop, those who turn to outdoor activities such as running or cycling to stay in shape may soon find it harder to commit and continue. Aside from the random warm spells we see during the winter, it can be difficult to get your daily dose of exercise in each day in the colder months.

We here at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, are here to help residents of New Jersey stay in shape this fall and winter. As one of the top gyms in Burlington County, NJ, we have a variety of ways for people to work out and have fun when the temperatures dip. In addition to providing the largest variety in equipment to our members, we also have salt water pools in each of our facilities.  If you’ve been hesitant to add lap swimming as part of your fitness routine, here are some reasons to try it!


Build Endurance

At the end of the day, we are all just looking to live a happy, healthy life. Unlike running and cycling, swimming helps you build lung capacity and improve your cardio while putting minimal stress on your joints. While a rotation of running, cycling and swimming will help you stay in tremendous shape, those with nagging knee issues or other lower body issues can find themselves more comfortable sticking to swimming.


Maybe You Aren’t Looking to Lose Weight

Not every person who hits the gym is looking to lose weight. Those with a high metabolism may suffer from losing too much weight when exercising. If this sounds familiar to anyone, consider swimming laps here at Kennedy Fitness this fall. Those who like to exercise by swimming tend to lose less weight compared to those who run and cycle. Nonetheless, swimming will result in less body fat and a smaller waist.


Work Out Everything

Those who go to the gym daily typically follow a workout regimen that highlights different parts of the body each day. If the focus is on arms one day, the next may be all about legs. Unfortunately, not all of us have that much time on our hands. Swimming is a workout that utilizes almost every part of the body, so you’ll get a full body workout each time. Don’t worry about what part of the body you’re working out today. Just hit the pool and fire off some laps.

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