If you’re looking for something new and upbeat to help mix up your fitness routine, Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate has just the right class for you. Kickboxing is a high-energy workout that torches hundreds of calories in only 45-minutes to an hour worth of work. On top of melting away the pounds, kickboxing has also been known to be a great stress reliever, while toning the entire body at the same time.

Here are four more amazing health benefits you will receive when you practice kickboxing at Kennedy Fitness in New Jersey:

Learn Self-Defense Moves

While a lot of women tend to take up kickboxing for the toning and workout aspect of it, an added benefit is being able to learn self-defense moves too. In today’s day and age, having the ability to protect yourself is a valuable asset to have. And at Kennedy Fitness in Mount Laurel, our kickboxing classes give you the tools needed to fight back.

Gain Confidence

When practicing kickboxing, your body releases endorphins, and if you know anything about endorphins, you know that they are the happy chemical compound that does wonders for our mood and confidence!

Another side effect of kickboxing that we touched upon was weight loss, and with weight loss comes a new sense of confidence you’ve probably never experienced before.

Improve Fitness Abilities

Because kickboxing is a full-body exercise program, it’s no surprise that when you train a couple of days a week, you will start to see a great improvement in your overall fitness abilities. The sport has been known to improve coordination, balance, muscle control, agility, flexibility and more.

Better Posture

Are you hunched over in an office chair all day? A lot of people don’t realize how bad their posture is until they start improving their posture with kickboxing! Daily kickboxing workouts will challenge your muscles and build your core for an overall better posture in as little as a couple of weeks.

Are you ready to experience all of the amazing health benefits that our Cherry Hill kickboxing classes have to offer? Visit one of our seven New Jersey locations to find a kickboxing class near you.