With spontaneous trips to the shore and pool parties afoot this summer, most people do their best to get in shape or stay shape during the summer months. Between eating right and getting a decent amount of daily exercise, getting in shape during the summer may not be as hard as you think. We here at Kennedy Fitness, do our best to help our members stay in shape all summer long. As one of the top fitness centers in Mount Laurel, there’s a reason South Jersey residents have turned to Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate to improve their health and athletic ability.

Here are four fun ways to get fit this summer!


Hill Sprints

Awesome for building up endurance while strengthening your entire body in the process, hill sprints can help you burn fat, stay in shape and take in the summer weather. Outdoor workouts have been proven to have many added benefits compared to working out in a gym. Although not a Crossfit exercise, hill sprints are considered a high-intensity interval training exercise. HIIT workouts are popular due to the ability to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.


Take It To The Beach

Just because you’re heading to the shore for the weekend, doesn’t mean your workouts have to stop. Those not looking to spend money on daily gym visits or sign up for anything long term can still have a good workout right there at the beach. Setting up cones as stations and assigning each station an exercise is more than enough to stay active for the day.


Jump Rope

One of the simplest and best conditioning exercises has been long overlooked. Jumping rope is one of the most underrated workouts and can be done anywhere! Just get home from work and swamped with things to do? No worry — just 10-15 minutes of jump rope in the backyard or the driveway is just what you need.


Find A Kennedy Fitness Location Near You

With seven locations scattered across South Jersey, there’s no excuse to not take advantage of our friendly staff of certified fitness professionals, state of the art equipment and personalized workouts. With over 12 lines of equipment, 85+ group fitness classes held every week and multiple swimming pools, we at Kennedy Fitness look forward to helping you stay fit this summer with Kennedy Fitness.

For more information on our seven locations in South Jersey, interested parties are encouraged to reach out as soon as possible. We have information on how members can take advantage of our fitness memberships through work in Burlington County. Give us a call today at 1-800-875-2720 to get in shape tomorrow.