While many members of Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate use our certified personal trainers to help them lose weight, they can actually help members accomplish much more. From health objectives to fitness goals and more, regular sessions with a personal trainer at Kennedy Fitness can help you achieve many things other than weight loss.

Here are a few reasons to consider working with a personal trainer from Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate.


Improved Cardiovascular Health

Heart health is a major concern for many Americans. While Zumba® in Cherry Hill is a popular activity that encourages heart health, it may not be for everyone. It takes proper diet and exercise to maintain heart health, which a personal trainer at Kennedy Fitness can help to arrange. Our educated personal trainers follow principles established by The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), to create smart workout plans with each person’s abilities and medical history in mind. They can also make diet and lifestyle suggestions to help you sustain your health goals.


Injury Prevention and Event Preparation

Personal training is an efficient way to practice for an upcoming competition or athletic event. By helping you set goals and manage your time effectively, a personal trainer can help you prepare for your race, tournament, or big game.

Many people in Cherry Hill use yoga classes for injury prevention, but a personal trainer is also a very useful option. By building up strength in the muscles around certain body parts that are prone to injury, you can provide additional support to the area to help prevent another injury. A personal trainer can develop a routine of exercises to support knees, shoulders, and other body parts.


Heightened Mood and Energy Levels

Working out regularly with a trainer can help to increase a person’s energy levels and even lift a person’s mood. If you don’t work out often, going to the gym can be difficult; but a personal trainer can give you the confidence to get active again in a pressure-free environment. With trainers for members of all ages and abilities, Kennedy Fitness provides an ideal setting for any individual to get healthy.


Personalized Workout Plan

The wonderful personal trainers at Kennedy Fitness are always happy to help any member achieve their health and wellness goals. Whether you want to add muscle, lose weight, improve heart health, or learn scientifically-tested workout routines, a personal trainer at Kennedy Fitness can help you. Plus, one on one training means you get the customized workout you need and the individual attention you deserve. Our certified training staff will make sure you use proper form for both results and injury prevention.

To begin making improvements to your health and wellness, call your local Kennedy Fitness for more details or to schedule a personal trainer today.