Holiday shopping can be stressful. Stores are crowded, and the traffic is heavy. Your list is long. You’re under a time crunch to get everything bought, delivered (if you’re buying online), and wrapped before the big day arrives. And let’s not forget that some people are notoriously difficult to shop for! 

How do you come up with original ideas, year after year, for loved ones who already seem to have so much?

At Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, we suggest giving the gift of better health. Any of the following options are sure to delight your loved ones, whether they’re already a dedicated fitness aficionado, or they need a little extra nudge to lead a more active lifestyle.

Wireless Headphones

Whether or not your loved ones enjoy working out, everyone loves listening to music or the occasional audiobook to help them de-stress and improve their mood. There are countless options for wireless headphones on the market today, and a simple internet search will reveal a wide range of models, brands, and price points to choose from. From providing extra motivation on a treadmill to helping pass time on a long plane or train ride, wireless headphones are a perfect gift for all activity levels.

Fitness Tracker

Technology is truly amazing. Modern fitness trackers can do anything from monitoring heart rate to counting the number of calories consumed and burned in a day to sending notifications when a text or email pops in. Anyone with health and wellness goals can benefit from one of these devices, and although top-of-the-line models tend to be a bit pricey, you can be sure your loved one will get hours — if not months or even years — of enjoyment out of this gift.

Massage Package

Ahhhh…don’t you feel relaxed just thinking about a massage right now? Imagine how your loved one will feel when you hand them a gift certificate for a self-care session (or sessions) so they can escape from the stressors of the holiday season! Not only is a professional massage a wonderful gift idea, but you might also consider buying your loved one a self-massager that they can use at home to treat their tight, aching muscles whenever they need a break.

Yoga Kit

Through our yoga programs in Mt. Laurel and at our other six locations in South Jersey, we’ve seen the amazing benefits of yoga for people of all ability and activity levels. Yoga helps develop strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility — the main pillars of fitness — while also promoting relaxation and encouraging mindfulness. 

Whether you think your loved one might enjoy giving yoga a try or they’re already an experienced yogi, consider giving them a new yoga kit, complete with a mat, blanket, blocks, and straps. You can either pick them out some DVDs for at-home practice or bring them to Kennedy Fitness to try one of our many mind and body classes.

Gym Membership

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! There is no better way to show the special people in your life how much you care than to give them access to the myriad health and wellness options we offer here at Kennedy Fitness — and with our special gift package of 6 weeks for $69, you can treat yourself to big savings in the process!

Not convinced? Check out this quick slideshow video as we illustrate five big reasons a Kennedy Fitness membership is an amazing holiday gift.

For more information about our facilities, to take advantage of our holiday membership offer, or to get a jump on your New Year’s resolutions by signing up for kickboxing classes in Camden County, contact Kennedy Fitness today.