As an approach to fitness that emphasizes strength, flexibility, and precision, Pilates is often compared and contrasted with yoga for its health benefits. Indeed, although the advantages to be gleaned from yoga often overlap with Pilates, the latter nonetheless offers many unique benefits to bodily health and performance.

Here at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, we offer various Pilates reformer classes in Mount Laurel and other locations to help locals reach their maximum fitness potential. Continue reading to learn more about what Pilates can do for you and your health!

1. Whole Body Fitness

As a holistic approach to physical fitness, Pilates promotes strength and soundness throughout the whole body. Because Pilates utilizes all of the body’s areas and muscles, consistent practice with a qualified trainer will eventually help you attain more vibrant physical health from head to toe!

2. Adaptable to Different Fitness Levels

One of the great things about Pilates is its accessibility to people at all levels of physical fitness. There is a vast range of different sorts of Pilates classes and techniques, catering to everyone from seasoned athletes to older adults recovering from recent injuries. Ask one of our instructors for guidance on which approach to Pilates is right for you!

3. Increased Flexibility

Pilates places a premium focus on flexibility, and for good reason. Increasing your flexibility and mobility can be a key to unlocking your body’s fitness potential by giving the range of motion you need to excel at all other forms of physical performance and training, from running and swimming to intensive weight training.

4. Body Awareness

With its emphasis on correct technique and proper movement, Pilates training can go a long way in enhancing your awareness of the way your body moves, feels, and even the way it relaxes in a resting position. The greater body awareness, in turn, can help with everything from correct posture to faster healing periods following injuries.

5. Strength Without Bulk

Although Pilates promotes enhanced muscle strength and a stronger, leaner body, it’s not the sort of exercise that will leave you with the bulging muscles you sometimes see on weightlifters. Pilates gives you a longer, leaner, more refined physique for a more beautiful, graceful form.

6. Core Strength

When you come to your first Pilates class here at Kennedy Fitness, you’ll notice much of it is core-intensive. With an emphasis and precision on correct technique, your Pilates training may leave you with a toned stomach and abdominal sooner than you think! Having a strong core is essential to acquiring proper control of the rest of your body, making the effort well worth the gain.

7. More Energy

This one’s simple: when you’re in better shape, you feel better. By improving your flexibility, strength, stamina, and physical self-mastery through Pilates training, you’ll quickly notice yourself having more energy and getting through your day with more vigor.

8. Better Posture

Because Pilates helps you strengthen your core, improve your body awareness, and maintain spinal alignment, it’s no surprise that it can also do wonders for your standing and sitting posture. What’s more, your new and improved posture can also go a long way in relieving chronic back pain.


Ultimately, Pilates can do incredible things for all aspects of your physical health to help you live a more active and vital lifestyle. To learn more about our Pilates classes here at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, or to learn more about our aerial yoga classes in Marlton, NJ, as well as our other locations, don’t hesitate to give our team a call today!