Yoga classes have been a popular fitness activity for a while now. They have been a favorite of not just for people looking to improve their physical health, but also those looking to improve their mental health as well. Kennedy Fitness & Wellness is happy to provide a unique take on yoga with our aerial yoga classes throughout Camden County.

In aerial yoga, you suspend yourself in the air on a soft hammock which supports your body. Aerial yoga offers a multitude of benefits that traditional yoga classes cannot offer.

  • It’s easy for beginners. Many people think that yoga classes are intimidating because they don’t think they have the flexibility to complete the exercises correctly. Just like doing any exercise for the first time, it’s better to work at your own pace. You have to start somewhere! An aerial hammock can support up to 1,000 pounds so you don’t need to worry about it whether it can hold you or not. It can allow you to pose in ways you may not be capable of doing on the floor.
  • Is your body stiff from sitting or standing at work all day? Improve your body alignment with aerial yoga. It can alleviate stress on your neck and spine. When you hang upside-down, it allows your vertebrae to decompress, granting you relief from everyday aches and pains.
  • When you’re training on the floor, it limits how far you can stretch comfortably. At times, you may ask that someone assist you by pushing down on your back or legs. However, in aerial yoga, gravity does this work for you. Your body can stretch even further but without the additional stress.
  • You can perform inversions safely with the support of the hammock. Inversions are poses that are similar to a handstand or headstand. These are not easy for newcomers to tackle, especially without an experienced yogi to spot them in case they fall. During aerial yoga, you can try these advanced poses without being afraid of falling and suffering an injury.

Most of all, it’s fun! Are you ready to give it a shot? If you’re interested in yoga classes in South Jersey, contact us today! Call 1-800-875-2720 to find out how you can get started.