Before & After:

After I joined Future Fitness over two years ago, I started working out three times a week. Soon, I was seeing results and loved it. I hadn’t belonged to a gym in over 30 years and had forgotten how good regular exercise feels. Of course, after a few months I began slacking off and skipping an occasional work out. Then I was missing entire weeks, then months, until I gained weight and basically felt terrible.

Last summer, my doctor informed me that I had type 2 diabetes. See-sawing between gaining and losing weight, along with exercising and not exercising had finally put me over the edge. I was devastated and made a life changing commitment to my health. My doctor guided me through eating the right foods without necessarily dieting. I read everything I could get my hands on about how to manage and even reverse diabetes.

Everything I read stressed the importance of regular exercise.

I made an appointment for my first personal training session with Herb at Future Fitness. After discussing my options, Herb developed a tough, but comprehensive program along with some nutrition advice. I haven’t looked back! I can’t say enough about Herb. He’s professional, knowledgeable, tough, and motivates me towards my goals. Working with a personal trainer has truly made the difference. Herb pushes beyond my expectations with tough, smart, safe workouts that get results.

Now, I’m working out on the floor two to three days a week. I do a spin class and swim once or twice a week. The combination of equipment, classes and personal training is what sets Future Fitness apart from other gyms. I wouldn’t trade my membership for anything.

The options at all of the Future Fitness locations (Turnersville, Cherry Hill, Mt. Laurel, Mullica Hill or Berlin) are truly endless! I give rave reviews of Future Fitness salt water pools. It is a regular part of my weekly routine and I love it! When I swim in the morning, I feel energized the whole day. The additional “cardio effect” helps shake things up while providing a great recovery workout between my strength training days.

Being a Future Fitness member also provides me with moral support from other members. It’s great to have others reaching for similar goals. Talking with other members, comparing notes and sharing experiences helps keep me focused and motivated. The staff is friendly and helpful, always offering encouragement. When I’m there, I feel very comfortable.

So far, I have lost 25 lbs. and have almost reversed my diabetes! At 53, I don’t feel a day over 40!

– Robert