Have you ever wished that your gym in Mt. Laurel could customize your workouts to fit your lifestyle, level or skill, and intensity? Wish no longer. The Pilates Reformer program from Kennedy Fitness & Wellness offer a total body workout that’s as unique as you and your health goals!

Our Pilates Reformer program is different from your traditional group Pilates class. Using a lay-down machine called a “reformer,” an instructor will lead you through a number of moves and exercises that will help you strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, improve your body awareness and give you a complete sense of balance.

Pilates Reformer classes are available in both private and semi-private settings, so if you are searching for one-on-one attention reaching your physical fitness goals, Kennedy Fitness & Wellness should be at the top of your list for new fitness centers in Voorhees to try!

Many gym-goers who choose to embrace Pilates Reformer exercises and classes do so to help improve their healing or relieve pain following an injury. The reformer adds a gentleness to the Pilates workout that makes it safe for those who are recovering from orthopedic injuries, yet still provides a level of challenge and engagement that will keep you interested and having fun. Pilates Reformer workouts are ideal for those suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis and other joint issues who are looking for a pain-free way to exercise.

No matter your skill level or fitness goals, Pilates Reformer classes can help give you a fresh take on working out that will leave you excited to head to the gym! To sign up for your free three-day class pass and give our Pilates Reformer course a try for yourself, call our team at Kennedy Fitness & Wellness today at 800-875-2720 or browse our website to get started!