Pilates at Future FitnessIs your gym preventing you from performing your best? Choosing a gym that helps you build the body you want is important when selecting a fitness center. Most local gyms don’t care if you reach your goals, lose that 20 pounds you want to get rid of or if you can fit in to your new jeans or not.

But Future Fitness does.

At Future Fitness Centers, our entire philosophy is dedicated to helping members reach health and wellness goals using our free services included in every membership, such as:

a. Free personal training for each member, each month.

c. Free medical monitoring – nurses on staff to help measure and monitor your progress.

b. Providing the widest variety of gym equipment – 12 different lines of toning and strength training equipment.

Why Free Personal Training?
No matter what your line of work is, one thing is always true, working with people that know what they’re doing yields better results. The same rule applies to working out at the gym – personal trainers know what they’re doing which gives members the opportunity to achieve fitness goals quicker and with better results.

Our training principles are based on The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). NASM is the leading fitness education group in the industry. Just as important as principles, however, is experience. Future Fitness personal trainers have a long list of testimonials and successful clients. Elite trainers at Future Fitness work with a variety of people and levels, from housewives and people wanting a healthier lifestyle to major league sports professionals. After a quick conversation with one of our personal trainers you’ll quickly know that he or she can help you achieve your fitness goals.

For members just getting started, Future Fitness personal trainers will help you plan training over the long term to ensure continued progress and then alternate periods of higher volume and higher intensity. Changing the exercises you do and intensity levels is important and the basis for making progress.

Monitoring and Measurement
Setting fitness goals and making a concentrated effort to meet them by going to the gym are key to getting in shape. But, when it comes to setting and reaching medical goals like lowering blood pressure, pulse rate and body fat ratio, you’ll be glad to know that Future Fitness members receive free medical monitoring.

All of our gyms have doctors and nurses who regularly monitor your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Additionally, they weigh you, measure you, and chart your percentage of body fat. They do neuro-muscular testing and muscle imbalance testing.

Variety of Equipment
Future Fitness has 12 different lines of equipment to ensure your body is constantly challenged.

Variety is the key to fitness. It is essential for even development, coordination, and continued progress to change exercises regularly. Muscle confusion, as it is called, is equally important to avoid monotony. Using the same equipment month after month is the same as sending your daughter to the first grade year after year. She gets really good at the curriculum but there is no progress and the boredom becomes unbearable.