Does this sound like your last fitness club? They were all smiles when you first walked in. The fitness trainers looked like they obviously knew what they were doing and seemed intent on helping you achieve your goals when you signed up, but after a week they dropped you like a sack of potatoes for the next person thinking about joining. So what is the difference between a health club that is committed to providing personal training and one that is not?

They stick with you: right off the bat, you know the personal trainers stick with you after you sign up and have a real, vested interest in helping you achieve your goals. Future Fitness trainers pay special attention to your diet and your weight loss goals so they can optimize their time with you.

They motivate you: everyone has days where they have no motivation to work out. A good trainer will motivate you with a variety of different methods other than shouting at you until they turn blue. If you go in and say that today you don’t feel like doing the treadmill, a good trainer will recommend something else that will be equal in intensity but different such as Zumba or a Spinning class.

Knowledgeable: a good trainer should know not only how to use a specific machine or how to do a specific exercise, but also why it’s useful and why it directly applies to you. You should not have to do Pilates or water aerobics just because a trainer tells you. A good trainer will first tell you how each exercise affects the body and why it fits with you as an individual.

At Future Fitness, we take pride in our trainers because they truly care about helping everyone who goes to a Future Fitness gym. If you want to see results, ask one of our trainers today and get started. Every member gets free personal training – its part of our core philosophy.