If the stress of the coronavirus crisis and the closing of your favorite fitness centers in South Jersey caused your motivation levels to tank during the springtime, it might seem impossible to kickstart your workout routine now that summer has arrived. Temperatures here in the Northeast can get pretty steamy, and without a comfortable air-conditioned gym to hit when the mercury is high, you’re stuck sweating it out in the great — and HOT — outdoors.

Doesn’t sound inspiring, does it?

Don’t worry if you’re feeling less than passionate about summer workouts. Your friends at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate have a few ideas that will help reinvigorate your love of exercise and keep you moving — at least until we can welcome you back to the gym. 

Keep it Cool

Taking proper care of your body is crucial, no matter the setting or the season. To minimize the draining effect of the summertime heat, follow the workout tips in this infographic.

Go Off the Beaten Path

If you like to run, bike, or walk, and your go-to route is paved with asphalt or concrete, your summertime workouts are going to be quite the scorchers. Ditto if your preferred path is devoid of any shade. 

Typical pavement materials reflect heat rather than absorb it, so check your local area for dirt or gravel trails where you can enjoy a much cooler workout experience. Nature trails with plenty of shady trees or jogging paths near a body of water are a big plus.

Get Creative

There’s no rule that says you have to keep your workouts traditional. Moving is moving, so why not set up the old badminton or volleyball net in the backyard and start up a game with the kids? If you have a pool, but you’re not really a lap swimmer, you could try some aqua aerobics or a pool deck workout that finishes with a refreshing dip. Even chores like washing the car, tending the garden, or mowing the lawn burn calories and work up a good, cleansing sweat.

Phone a Friend

If you’ve ever taken one of our workout classes in Mt. Laurel, you’re well aware of how the presence of other people can help push you farther than you thought you could go. So, find a workout buddy and schedule a time to get together for a (socially distant) sweat session. Your friend will support you and hold you accountable on those days you’re just not feeling it. They might also motivate you to wake up earlier and get that workout done before it really gets hot.

Take it Online

If you really don’t want to venture outside in the scorching sun, but you still want a great workout, remember that Kennedy Fitness is still offering a variety of free online fitness programs led by personal trainers that you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Check out our website for more information, and let’s get moving together!