Did you know that, depending on your health insurance provider, you may be eligible for hundreds of dollars in annual savings on your gym or fitness center membership?

Whether you’ve been enrolled in one of our kickboxing classes in Mt. Laurel. or you’re starting off the New Year by getting back in shape for bikini season, you could potentially be missing out on massive savings opportunities. Don’t worry! At Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, we want to make sure our members lose weight without losing a ton of money.

Here are a few of the nation’s leading health insurance providers and the various discounts and fitness reimbursements they reward their policyholders:



  • $150 in fitness center fees reimbursement.
  • $150 back on approved weight loss programs.
  • $150 reimbursement for programs that help you quit smoking or use of tobacco products.




  • AETNA offers a program that will reimburse members for participating in some form of a fitness/wellness program nationwide.
  • Visit AETNA.COM to sign up and see the rewards!



  • Various Discounts at CHOOSEHEALTHY.com
  • 10% off initiation fee & 10% off monthly dues.
  • Up to 40% in total fitness reimbursements.




  • $20 reward per month for eligible members who visit the gym 12 times a month.
  • Up to $240 in annual savings at over 4,000 facilities nationwide.
  • For FREE membership enrollment, visit HORIZONBFIT.COM



  • Go365 Wellness Program that helps personalize wellness and workout plans for members, tracking results, and earning rewards along the way!



  • Gym reimbursements up to $400 for policyholders, $200 in fitness reimbursements for their covered spouses.  



  • $20 per month for going to the gym 12 times a month
  • Quick and easy sign up at MYUHC.com



  • The Sweat Equity Program is a fitness rewards program that reimburses eligible members up to $200 twice a year for attending the gym or fitness classes 50 times in 6 months.


Now that you know about all of these incredible fitness reimbursements, there’s never been a better time than right now to sign up for kickboxing classes at our Gloucester County gym or at one of our locations nearest to you!

For more information about all of the services offered by Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, call us today at 1-800-983-8809.