Give your Halloween costume the workout it deserves! Check out Future Fitness Centers’ suggestions for fun, easy, and inexpensive fitness-inspired costumes. Best of all, most of these outfits require very little work, other than gathering a few workout essentials that most fitness fanatics already own. If they aren’t already in your closet, try a thrift store.

  1. Jack LaLanne. Do, don’t stew! Step into a navy blue, zip-front one-piece jumpsuit, grab a glass of freshly squeezed  carrot juice and be Jack LaLanne, the “Godfather of Fitness.” Regarded as our nation’s “first fitness superhero,” he is considered to be one of the first to open a modern health spa and is known for fitness “lalanneisms”  such as “10 minutes on the lips equals a lifetime on the hips.”
  2. Arnold Schwarznegger. Be a movie star, a body builder a politician, and Austrian – all at the same time! Get pumped and make fake muscles with pantyhose or nude-covered material. Add some shorts, a tank top, and a wide, weightlifting belt and – just like that – your Ahhhnold!
  3. Bruce Lee.  Punch when you have to punch, kick when you have to kick – and if you want to be a badass, dress up like martial arts master, Bruce Lee. Everyone will be Kung-Fu fighting when you don an old school Adidas track suit and start roundhouse kicking over everyone’s head. Or, go for another one of Bruce’s signature looks – a baggy black pair of pants, white socks, black shoes, and no shirt.
  4. Chuck Norris. What’s the secret to this guy’s tough look? Denim, denim, and more denim. Rip off the sleeves and tuck your favorite denim shirt into your jeans. Add to it a gun holster, a jean jacket, and a sneer – no one will mess with you ever again.
  5. Rocky Balboa. Prefer to keep things comfy? Nothing could be warmer or cozier than suiting up like a Rocky in training. Suit up in a classic grey sweat suit, tuck a towel into the neck of it, add to it a black skull-cap and a black eye – then start singing your own rendition of The Eye of the Tiger.
  6. Richard Simmons. Party off the pounds! Though pulling off exercise guru Richard Simmon’s quirky, wacky persona is a difficult task, his signature, unmistakable look is relatively simple. Simply grab a curly brown wig and a pair of shiny, tiny short shorts and start Sweatin’ to the Oldies.
  7. Olivia Newton John. Remember Let’s Get Physical? We can’t forget! Bring the 80’s back to life with a bubblegum pink and red workout ensemble topped off with a cut-off t-shirt and leg warmers. And don’t forget the thick, braided headband! Olivia was able to even make a mullet look cute.
  8. Jane Fonda. It’s time to feel the burn! What does it take to emulate this favorite ‘80s aerobics instructor? Poufy hair, a high cut leotard, lamé, spandex, and tights – the shinier, tinier and tackier, the better! And don’t forget the leg warmers!
  9. Suzanne Somers. A bouncy blond wig, a shiny high cut leotard and a Thighmaster is all you need to pull off Suzanne Somers’ unmistakable look. Introduced in the 1990’s, the Thighmaster is a fitness tool that was designed to shape and tone the upper and lower body.
  10. Jillian Michaels. Are you the biggest fan of The Biggest Loser? It doesn’t take much to pull off TV’s toughest personal trainer, Jillian Michaels. Simply put on a black tank top, a pair of tight jeans and your angriest glare – then hit the town barking orders such as “Get back on the treadmill and RUN!”  Tough love never looked so good.