After a very warm month of September, it is finally starting to feel like fall!  The kind of perfect weather where you can leave the house in just a sweatshirt and shorts is something many of us have been eagerly anticipating. Along with the arrival of great weather comes the chance to mix up your fitness routine, and add in some fun outdoor workouts.

We here at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, one of the top gyms in Burlington County, NJ, have helped people of all ages stay in shape all year long. Here are some of our favorite outdoor workouts that are perfect for the fall weather.



Fall hikes combine both elements of exercise and the great fall weather. Our seven locations scattered across South Jersey are close to many great hiking trails in New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Hiking allows you to become one with nature while also helping you stay in shape.


Bike Trails

Just like with hiking, there are plenty of trails to be explored during the fall. Our area is home to some amazing woodland areas that are riddled with fun bike trails and amazing parks and scenery. There is no better time than fall to soak in the great outdoors. Whether by bike or by foot, get out there and see what this area truly has to offer. The sights are worth it; we promise.


Community Team Sports

It may not seem like much but joining a slow-pitch softball league can be a great way to remain active. Having a good diet combined with weekly exercises like softball, soccer, or ultimate frisbee can help you stay in shape.  Another added benefit of team sports? It’s a great way to make new fit friend to help you stay motivated, and keep eachother accountable!


Join Kennedy Fitness

While breathing in that crisp fall air is a bonus for this time of year, fall does have a habit of bringing some rain as well.  Your fitness should a part of your daily routine, no matter the weather! Rainy days and cold temperatures can discourage you from working out, so having an indoor gym full of friendly faces is key to help you stay committed to your fitness goals, all year round!  With seven locations scattered across South Jersey, we are here to help you build the body you want that summer is over. We encourage you to speak with one of our friendly representatives today!

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