Strengthening will power is the same as strengthening your muscles, you must exercise it often and it’s weakest after making really tough decisions. Skipping a gym workout for a de-stress happy hour after work can be avoided! Here are a couple of ways for you to exercise your willpower so resisting the temptation becomes easy.

Just say no: saying “no” can be tough. Usually people would rather use words like, “maybe” “possibly” and “I’ll get back to you”, which leaves the door open just in case. The problem here is you allow yourself the wiggle room to get out of going to the fitness center. “No” not only will let your friends know you’re not coming, but also will make you commit more to your Zumba class.

Start off small: saying no to something really tempting can take a lot out of you and leave you vulnerable to other smaller enticements. To build up your will power you have to start with resisting smaller temptations and work your way up. For example, try resisting the urge to pack a bag of chips in your lunch and pack an apple instead. This way by the time the work day is over, it will be easy to tell your friends to go without you to happy hour while you head to your Pilates class or gym workout.

You can practice building up your willpower throughout the day, it doesn’t just have to relate to whether you head to the health club or not. Try making more definite decisions and sooner rather than later enticements won’t deter you.