It can be argued that nothing compares to running outdoors – and we won’t disagree! It’s nice to breathe in the fresh air and check out the scenery… But as the temperature drops and we move into the winter weather season, treadmills are a safe, convenient and effective way to advance your running workout routine and maintain good cardio health.

Treadmills offer an even terrain – plus there’s no scary dark streets, icy patches, or cars to avoid while running.  Plus, they’re super accessible. A staple at practically every gym, regardless of how far you run, you can stop at any time without ever having to worry about getting back to where you started. Not to mention at Future Fitness, all treadmills are equipped with either a television screen or Internet  connection, allowing you to multitask like never before. Listen to your music, catch up on the news, and even check your email!

Whether you are just starting out or training for a full-fledged marathon, ‘tis the season to take your running indoors. Check out five of our favorite links for tips, workouts, motivation and inspiration for running on the ‘mill:

  1. Better on the Inside
    For treadmill workouts that can help you keep focused and fit, Runner’s World article offers five suggestions for getting the most from your indoor running routines.
  2. Basic Guidelines for Minimizing Injuries Associated with Running
    Stretch, pace yourself, mix things up, and don’t forget to cool down – these are just some of the tips ACE Fitness offers to help prevent injury and maximize your indoor cardio workout.
  3. Top Five Treadmill Running Tips
    From proper running attire to warming up and making the most of your treadmill’s incline, make your indoor running workout more effective with advice from Marathon Nation.
  4. Print It: Running for Beginners
    Just starting out? Women’s Health magazine offers a print-friendly guide that can help you pick up the pace and go from walking to running on the treadmill in no time at all.
  5. Music to Pump up Your Cardio
    The right music can make a world of difference – it can push you past workout boredom and motivate you to go that extra mile. For inspiration and ideas, check out Fitness magazine’s readers’ picks and create your own custom, cardio playlist!