Spin with Brynn // Wednesdays @ 9:00am with Brynn

Looking for a high energy and empowering work-out? Then spin with Brynn on Wednesdays at 9am for a fun with friends ride side by side.



Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Exercise Program with Loretta // Mondays @ 9am

A gentle, warm water exercise program for people with arthritis. Activities are tailored to your abilities and skill levels. You don’t need to know how to swim. Classes are 1 hour long. They meet in local pools two to three times a week for 8–12 weeks or longer. You’ll do activities like gentle stretching, breathing, and light aerobics. AFAP can help you: Move easier, with less pain, and feel stronger, fitter and more flexible.



HITT Ride // Tuesdays @ 6:15pm with Sheila

Join Sheila for a groovy 60s style ride adding HITT and endurance skills to keep your body in far out shape”




Sunrise Spin // Wednesdays @ 6:00am with Lisa E.

Looking to change your anaerobic routine? Join Lisa E on Wednesdays at 6am. Start your day the right way with hills, drills and so much more.

Cardio Combo with Suzanne // Tues & Thurs @ 5:15am

Calling all early risers!  Mix it up, keep your workouts fresh and challenging with different cardiovascular exercise modes and toning bouts that are sure to keep your motor running for the rest of the day!


Yin Yoga // Tuesdays @ 8:30am with Donna D

Unlike Yang style yoga, Yin Yoga does poses on the floor, maintaining a long and extended stretch: gravity does the work.  Yin cultivates body awareness, cultivates stillness with a more meditative approach.



30 Minute Strong by Zumba® // Thursdays @ 10:15am with Katie Bell

If you’re looking to ramp up your strength and change your physique, come out and try this class!  1/2 STRONG by Zumba® 1/2 regular Zumba® Dance!  Starts 2/7




R3 Spin // Sundays @ 8:00am with Lois  

Are you ready to Rock, Roll and Ride? Join Lois on Sunday at 8am for a high intensity ride where the time will fly by