Wearable Fitness TechnologyWearable tech gadgets have come a long way from the simple step tracking pedometer. Today, they can track your every move, from the number of calories you burn, the number of steps you take, and even your posture.

Activity trackers like the Nike+ FuelBand among others, have created a new way to have motion sensors, like wrist bands, talk to your smartphone by Bluetooth wireless and count your activities, calories burned, and even your sleep habits.

Smart Trackers
These devices work in concert with your smartphone by count your steps and calories.

Misfit: Unlike other werable tech, this device can be worn while swimming in a special clip or necklace, plus its coin-size battery lasts about 90 days. Progress lights tell you how you’re doing.

Nike+ FuelBand: You’ll receive Nike Fuel points that serve as a universal way to measure actions, so you can easily compete and compare with friends. The Nike Fuel is loaded with motivation features like social media tools and special award badges for completing steps and goals.

Polar Loop: The strap alerts you with options, recommending that if you want to meet your goal you can, for example, do the treadmill for five minutes, or walk for 30 minutes. When paired with the accompanying Bluetooth smart chest strap (costs extra) it becomes a heart rate monitor.

More Robust Fitness Tech
These devices go beyond collecting the common activity stats.

Lumo Lift – Helps improve posture: Place this magnetic clip-on at torso level and it will alert by vibrations whenever you slump.

Adidas miCoach – Smart Run Watch. A sensor tracks your heart rate on the wrist, a GPS records your runs, and workouts recorded appear on-screen.

Fitness Apps For Your Smartphone
These devices work on your smartphone with no other gadget needed.

Pact: This app rewards healthy living in the form of cash. Set your exercise and healthy eating goals each week and the amount you’d be willing to pay if you fall short of it. Hit your mark by checking in at the gym or using a GPS to track runs and you’ll earn cash from other members who didn’t meet their goals. get notified of earnings each week. (iOS and Android).

Temple: Make daily tasks like eating the right food, drinking water or doing physical activities into a simple swipe on a phone. Reminders alert you when it’s been too long since your last check in. (iOS only).