Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate offers a diverse variety of programs for all of our members, ranging from aerial yoga to kickboxing classes for the Mt. Laurel community. 

However, did you know that we also provide free nutritional counseling for all of our members? In addition to promoting greater wellness via intensive and free-ranging opportunities for bodily exercise, we also believe in helping you complement your activities and achieve a holistic lifestyle by offering counseling on your dietary habits, all with the goal of helping you become the best possible you!

Meeting with a nutritional counselor can help you in the following ways:

Get the Advice of a Professional

Eating healthy is more than just a matter of eating more fruits and vegetables (though that’s certainly a great start!). By speaking with a trained nutritionist, you can get expert advice on what sorts of nutrients you should be focusing on, what kinds of vegetables, grains, and proteins would benefit your health the most, and what you can be eating to relieve the symptoms and causes of any pains or ailments, helping you get the most out of your diet! 

Stay Accountable

Just a personal trainer can help keep you accountable to your exercise goals and routines, so too can a nutritionist keep you accountable to your dietary goals. By drawing up a plan on what you’ll be eating, what you’ll be cutting out, and sorts of changes you’ll be making, you can greatly increase the likelihood of following through on your resolutions by regularly updating your counselor on your successes and challenges.

Sync Your Diet with Your Exercise

A nutritional counselor will be able to create a dietary plan for you that complements your active lifestyle. Whether you’re an active enthusiast of running, yoga, or weight lifting, your nutritionist will have the training and experience to prescribe a diet that gives your body the right kind of fuel to further pursue the activities you love!

To learn more about our free nutritional counseling or our kickboxing classes in Camden County, feel free to give our team at Kennedy Fitness a call today at 1-800-875-2720.