Dogs love exercise just as much as you do, and especially for pet owners with active breeds, finding workouts that you and your pupper both enjoy can bring you two closer together and help you both have a healthier lifestyle! Even if you don’t have the kind of dog that is always down for a run or game of frisbee, there are other, less intense workouts you can do with your dog, too.

Doggie Yoga

Yes, doggie yoga is a thing! This works best for calmer, well-trained dogs, and there are several videos online that can help you and your dog stretch and gain flexibility. Bonus if your dog has bad hips – certain canine physical therapy can be incorporated into your daily doggy namaste.

Hiking and Trail Running

If you live near outdoor trails, take your dog along! The two of you can explore new places to run or hike, and get in a great workout, as well. Don’t forget to bring water for you both, however – hiking and trail running can be more exhausting than a regular walk.


Hitting the tennis ball back and forth is fun, and if you have a dog that loves to fetch and bring it back, you can improve your service and help your dog incoordination and get a workout! Make sure that the places you select are dog-friendly, or go during off-peak hours.

Circuit Training on Your Daily Walks

While you’re walking your dog, you can incorporate bodyweight exercise, too. Stop every five minutes to do 15 squats, or bring along light hand weights and work your arms as you walk your dog. Many different, easy bodyweight exercises incorporate resistance training, and when your body is warmed up from the walk, you may find these easier to perform.


If you live near a lake or a pet-friendly pool, your dog may love to swim with you! Not all dogs know how to swim, however – check with your vet to make sure that you have a water-friendly breed, and to see what kind of training your dog will need before you take them into the pool or lake.

Ultimate Frisbee or Disc Golf

If you or your dog aren’t into tennis, try taking the family and the puppy out for a game of frisbee. Even smaller or less active dogs may enjoy getting fresh air outside and spending time together.

Other Options for Fitness

You don’t have to have a dog to enjoy a great full-body workout. If you like the social aspect of fitness, try one of our kickboxing classes in Camden County or a ZUMBA® workout in South Jersey. Kennedy Fitness has a full calendar of group fitness classes, and we’re always excited to see new faces! Check out what we have available on our website – or just visit one of our gyms for a one-on-one- workout with a personal trainer!