At Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate, we offer a selection of classes that focus not only on improving and maintaining your physical health but your mental health as well. Through a number of our courses which include Pilates and yoga in Cherry Hill, you can build physical strength while developing a sense of peace and connection to your body in a pressure-free environment.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of our Mind & Body classes at Kennedy Fitness, as well as introduce a few of our most popular courses that you can sign up for today.


The Many Benefits of Mind & Body Classes

Mind & Body classes at Kennedy Fitness help our members in a variety of ways, both physically and mentally. Our classes range in intensity and vary in difficulty, for individuals of all abilities. These classes can reduce stress and clear your mind while improving your range of motion, posture, balance, and core strength.


Strengthen Your Core and Reduce Stress with Yoga

Yoga is a popular workout routine across the globe. Developed in ancient India, yoga has deep roots in physical, mental, and spiritual health. Through sustained movements that engage the core and various other muscle groups, a yoga class builds muscle endurance and flexibility while allowing you to improve mind and body awareness.

Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate offers many distinct yoga classes for individuals with different goals and levels of experience. Hot Yoga is a popular option at our Cherry Hill and West Berlin locations. During these classes, the room is kept at a high temperature to aid in weight loss while ridding the body of toxins.


Improve Strength and Muscle Stability with Pilates

Pilates is popular in North America among those looking to develop a stronger and more stable core. This workout routine uses precise movements and poses, typically done in succession, to strengthen a person’s core, which improves balance and injury prevention. At many of our Kennedy Fitness locations across South Jersey, we offer Pilates classes led by our skilled and trained instructors.


Sign Up for Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, or Another Mind & Body Class Today!

We offer a wide range of Mind & Body classes to help you improve and maintain both physical and mental strength. Tai Chi is a meditative movement class that consists of slow, rhythmic movements aimed at creating inner peace and tranquility. This low-impact exercise is great for those looking for a calming, stress-reducing routine.

Sign up for Tai Chi or one of our many other Mind & Body courses, including Pilates, yoga, or even Zumba® classes in Cherry Hill, and begin working toward a healthier you.