The new year is a great time to be kinder to your body. That idea might seem counter-intuitive if you have an intense athlete’s mentality, or if you’ve just spent the holidays lounging around the house with your family and indulging in all the delectable treats the season is known for. 

It’s true, though, that balance is the key to overall health and wellness. The more you punish your body in the gym, the more important it is to back off, slow down, and let your body recover. Complement your strength, speed, and endurance with greater flexibility and balance, and you will look, feel, and perform better in everything you do. 

What’s the best way to do that? Come to Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health Affiliate and try yoga in 2020! Here are five reasons to sign up for yoga classes in Cherry Hill, NJ, or at any of our other six locations throughout New Jersey. 

Reduce Pain

If you suffer from chronic back, neck, or joint pain, moving your body through a safe, relaxing stretching routine could bring more relief than continuing to pop ibuprofen. Studies have shown that yoga is, in fact, an effective way to alleviate lower back pain. Yoga is also a great way to improve posture, which will help keep you from those slouchy sitting habits you’re accustomed to, which could be causing some of your pain to begin with!

Move Better

Yoga builds balance, coordination, and body awareness. It also strengthens all the muscles that help to stabilize your joints. The better you move, the less likely you will be to injure yourself in any type of physical activity or to develop unhealthy movement patterns that cause injury and pain. 

Less Stress

Do you struggle to fit “me” time into your busy schedule, or to find relief from all the worries of work and family responsibilities? Yoga offers both! With a focus on breathing, quieting the mind, being in the moment, and, as we mentioned before, being kind to your body, you’ll find sweet release from the stressors of the outside world in our yoga studio!

More Sleep

When you don’t sleep or can’t sleep, your health suffers. It’s that simple. Working yoga into your exercise regimen will help you sleep better by relaxing the body and mind and calming those stress hormones and racing thoughts that keep you lying awake all night. While it might not happen overnight, like anything else worthwhile, invest the time, and you’ll eventually enjoy the payoff.

It’s for Everyone!

You don’t have to be a human Gumby to reap the amazing benefits of yoga. You don’t even have to own a mat or know any yoga “lingo.” Our instructors here at Kennedy Fitness: A Jefferson Health affiliate have the training, experience, and patience to guide even the rawest of beginners toward better health and fitness, one pose at a time.

To help prepare you for your first yoga class, we’ve illustrated six basic poses in this quick slideshow video.

For more information about the yoga classes we offer, to sign your kids up for swim lessons in Mt. Laurel, or inquire about the benefits of membership, feel free to contact us today by phone or on our website. Happy New Year!