Set reasonable targets. Instead of saying to yourself “I’m going to get in shape,” commit to more specific targets like going to the gym three times a week for a Spinning class.

Test your current health and fitness levels. All Future Fitness Gyms offer free medical monitoring so you can measure your progress. Testing and monitoring pinpoints the areas you need to work on and tracks your advancement

Log your workouts. Record how many times you went to the gym, how long you ran on the treadmill, how much weight you used in an exercise, how many sets of exercises you did, and your fatigue level during your workout.

Exercise with a friend or join a fitness center. You’ll gain more motivation and fitness than if you exercise alone. Just make sure your friend is dependable and encouraging.

Gradually build up your workouts. Don’t overdo it on the elliptical or attempt to lift 300 pounds your first time out. You’ll burn out fast and may even get injured.

Train for a special event. Nothing gets you motivated to exercise and keeps you going like being on a mission. Whether it’s to finish a 5k run or fit in to a wedding dress, the feeling of achievement you get from completing your event goal is like nothing else.

Have the right gear. You don’t have to become a fitness gear junkie, but having the right clothing and equipment keeps you safe, makes you comfortable, and gets you fired up to work out.

Stay up-to-date with what works. Keep up with exercise trends and techniques by reading books, websites and talking to personal trainers.

Reward yourself. Set benchmarks and give yourself a reward once you reach it: a new pair of shoes after a month of faithful exercising, maybe something more expensive after 3 months.