Are you feeling on the heavier side but are too self-conscious to go to the gym to do something about it? You’re not alone; this problem plagues most people and is one of the biggest deterrents for people to motivate themselves to start at a health club. Here are a couple of pointers to get over that hump and make it to the fitness center.

No need to be anxious: Everyone you see at a gym was in your position at one point or another, and most are still in that place. By just making it to the fitness club with the intent to work out will earn you instant acceptance from everyone.

Familiarize yourself with the health club: When you first get to the fitness health club, talk with a trainer or staff person about how to use the machines and what’s standard protocol. You also want to look at what gym classes are being offered; Zumba, Pilates, or Yoga help people start to work out in a fun group setting.

Start off slow: It isn’t a race and don’t expect to see results just after one workout session. This will take time and patience. Remember, this is going to be long term so there’s no rush.

You should never have to feel embarrassed about wanting to get healthy and being confident in front of the mirror so if you’re ready to take the first step, come on down to Future Fitness and begin today.