Sadly, traveling to the gym to complete your fitness routine is a much less viable option nowadays. We at Kennedy Fitness are more than aware of this struggle and care about our members’ health first and foremost. To encourage good exercising behaviors, we’re going to break down how you can make the entire world your gym!

Utilize Technology

Believe it or not, the internet and technology as a whole is an outstanding resource for people of all different exercise levels. Fitness-based video games and similar programs have drastically increased in demand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing for the love of exercise to be more accessible than ever before. Outside of these programs and games, the internet itself has a large variety of resources available to make you feel just like you are in the gym. At Kennedy Fitness, we offer our members online fitness programs to bridge the gap between home and the gym. With these resources, anywhere can be your gym with enough effort and willpower.

Invest in Portability

A great way to make the entire world your new gym is by investing in portable, lightweight exercise equipment. Perfect for travel both short distances and long, you’ll be able to break your shell and make the most of your time wherever you go with these equipment suggestions:

You can pick up most of this equipment online or at your local fitness store, so don’t wait! Get portable-friendly equipment today and make your entire world exercise-worthy. 

Embrace the Great Outdoors

Often we end up forgetting just how fantastic nature is for a good solid workout. With us spending a lot more time at home as of late, finding the motivation to exercise indoors is harder than it used to be. From hiking on your favorite trails to jogging through the park to doing yoga and other exercises out in your own backyard, the outdoors can make a huge difference in how you view exercising currently. Outdoor activities also help you set a more defined boundary between your job and your ‘gym’ time, especially if you are presently telecommuting for work.

Your Gym for Everywhere

While we are one of the leading fitness centers in South Jersey, we know that you can’t always make it out to our gyms for events and classes. At Kennedy Fitness, we pride ourselves on our flexibility for members, from our online programs to locations all across the South Jersey area, we have you covered when you need us. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your closest location and learn more about what you can do with us today!