Health and Senior Services at Future FitnessThe days are getting longer, sunnier and warmer, meaning it’s time to get yourself out from the comfort of your winter pajamas and increase you energy levels with some exercise.

If you want to feel confident about your body this summer, now is the best time to start a fitness plan.
But finding motivation to step into your exercise gear and get moving can be a challenge.

According to fitness coaches, motivation is a lot more complex than people understand. It is what causes us to take action. It is defined as the process that starts, drives and maintains behaviors. It is therefore not a simple act of flicking on an energy switch. It involves so many levels – the biological, emotional and social energies that activate behavior. Confused? Well this is why it is difficult to get motivated as you actually have to tackle motivation from lots of directions to then find the formula to get going.

However, with a little help from these motivation tips, you’ll feel more informed and ready to get moving in preparing your exercise plan and most importantly, enjoying yourself while getting fit.

Have a Workout Buddy
Let’s face it, having a friend give you a kick in the pants can be really helpful. You can actually motivate each other. Some people say the competition with friends is what drives them.

Give Yourself a Reward
Giving yourself a reward is a nice reminder to yourself of how amazing you are and what you have achieved. Put together a chart and when you have completed, say 10 sessions, treat yourself. Buy an item like a purse (ladies only please), electronics, shoes or give yourself a bigger reward for longer milestones, like a tablet pc. You get the idea – rewarding yourself helps you reach goals and stay motivated.

Get a Personal Trainer
Anyone can create a fitness plan. The real gifted personal trainers have something very special about them. Having that teacher at your side will help unlock potential within you that everyone has. Look for someone who is interested in your personal and long term development.

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Give Yourself a Variety of Activities and Equipment
Due to your natural daily high and lows and moods you need to have 4 or 5 different activities to choose from. Have your “go to” activities and options for when you’re energy levels are lower.

Having access to a variety of equipment can keep you motivated and different equipment helps confuse muscles which can increase results of your workout. Read more about variety of equipment.