Working out typically isn’t associated with glamour. But a new regime is gaining enthusiasts on a daily basis thanks in part to its Hollywood star power. Piloxing is a combination of Pilates and boxing moves created by celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen, whose clients include Hilary Duff, Vanessa Hudgens and Alexis Bledel. It is the first program that combines the muscle sculpting of Pilates, the strengthening and cardio of boxing and the sensuality of dance into a high-energy interval workout. Because each discipline is rooted in core-centered technique, their fusion perfectly complements each other.

Jensen developed the workout for women to improve overall strength and flexibility without building bulk, and gain the following benefits:

• Firmer, flatter abdominals

• Toned thighs and buttocks

• Increases in strength and flexibility

• A leaner profile with improved posture

• Improved energy levels

Piloxing training is in a class format, led by an instructor. This ensures that proper technique is taught and used, as well as creates a fun, social environment that makes participants look forward to their next session. Classes are structured into an interval format because studies show that interval training burns the most calories and is the most effective method of improving cardiovascular health.

Piloxing incorporates the use of ½-pound weighted gloves developed specifically for the program, which adds additional muscular and cardio benefits to the workout. The program also encourages barefoot training, which can improve posture, balance and stamina while preventing injuries. Increases in arch flexibility and range of motion in the ankle – and a stronger foot overall – are among the other benefits attributed to barefoot training.

So if you’ve always wondered how your favorite celebrities get their lean, toned red carpet-ready figure (without surgical intervention), check out a Piloxing class at your nearest Future Fitness Center and gain some star power for yourself!