Swimming is a year-round activity, from indoor swimming in winter, family vacations, to beaches and pools in summer. When considering swimming lessons for your child you should feel confident in the swimming instructor, program and pool.

Enrolling your young child in swimming lessons can add to their positive personal growth and development. Swim lessons early in life sets the stage for children to be comfortable in water, whereas, the older child just starting swim lessons may struggle with fear of water before they can develop in to a swimmer.

Having formal instruction on basic water safety is one of many benefits to swim lessons. Knowing how to swim and how to keep oneself safe and aware while in and around water is crucial to reducing the possibility of drowning. It’s also important to understand that swim lessons are for year-round activities and not just summers in the pool.

Why Private Lessons?
Each child is different and has different needs. Also, each parent has different expectations for what they would like to see their child accomplish in the water. Private swim lessons and the swim instruction program can be tailored to your child. Whether they are scared of the water or future Olympians, private lessons cover it all.

Consider these important factors when choosing a swim lesson school for your child:
• Are the instructor’s credentials acceptable to me?
• Do I feel confident about the pool area?
• What class size am I comfortable with?
• How long are the lessons?
• How often are the lessons?
• Are there classes for advancement?

Swimming is fun and healthy only when it’s safe. Starting swim lessons at a young age builds strong bodies and lasting confidence.

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