If you observe Easter or Passover then you know all too well about the food temptations associated with these holidays. Here are tips from people on Facebook on how to keep your fitness plan on track.

– Eat the eggs before they are deviled!

– I look at the holidays as a challenge that if I make up my mind and prepare they are not hard to get through. First determine what you are going to eat at each meal, there is always something served that you can have as part of your Lean and Green.

– Substitutions – mashed cauliflower for mashed potatoes, steamed green beans not green bean casserole, I adjusted my cheese ball recipe so I could be ok with the results. Last thanksgiving and Christmas this worked. Today weighed in with a loss of 65.4 lbs. Love my partner; we have a great coach!!

Go in with a PLAN!

– Don’t allow yourself to go off plan bc this is a “special” day – life is full of “special days” and you can treat this day like any other. Plan ahead, get your water in, & as Michelle stated..don’t get caught being hungry. Once you get through the day, you’ll be empowered to tackle other holidays and special days. You’ve got this!

– Observe the holiday for what it is. It’s not about the food. And, being appreciative about all we have.
And I agree with above comments, don’t be caught hungry! Eat every 3 hrs.

– Make up your mind and ask for strength and you shall receive.

– When you are with family or friends and there are lots of off-plan foods around, just remember that is about the love, not about the food. You don’t have to get drunk as a skunk or stuffed like a turkey to know you had a good time!!!

– Planning ahead is the key for me. I make a plan and stick to it. Focusing on the relationships and other joys instead of on the food makes me happier than the food ever did.

– get to the gym!

– keep your EYE on the PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Be the cook . . . then you can control the menu

– Your body keeps track 24/7. There are no holidays for healthy habits. Make new traditions. Honor your body.
– Fail to plan. Then plan to fail! I’ve lost 89 lbs so far and planning is key! Plan to not get hungry, plan to eat every 2-3 hrs , plan to drink plenty of water.

– It’s ok to go off track for 1 day!!! Just keep the time thing going!!! Eat every 2-3 hrs!!! Never get super hungry!!! Getting back on track is easy. Life is too short to stress over a bar or shake!!